This is Tim Fish, writer and artist of stuff.


I am a self-taught artist, until recently still working with pencil and ink on paper. I just started soup to nuts in Procreate (thumbnails, pencils, inks, colors) on my iPad and lettering in InDesign.



I have a Masters in Liberal Studies with a concentration in creative writing from Dartmouth College, and I attended the Summer Program in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford.


My first comic strip was published in the school paper, and my self-published and webcomics soon followed. My stories have been published by Marvel, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Roar (Lion Forge), Fantagraphics, Image, Oni, H&O Editions, Seven Stories Press, and more.



Currently living in Ireland–with a Fulbright research grant in affiliation with Trinity College Dublin–I’ll return to my studio space in Boston (-ish) someday!


(c) Tim Fish 2024